Kodansha's International Manga Competition

There are no boundaries. There is one sky.

The first full-scale international competition for Manga worldwide.
INTERNATIONAL MANGA COMPETITION presented by the manga magazine "Weekly Morning," Kodansha, Japan.

Submissions are now being accepted in ten languages: English, Spanish,French, German, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, and Swedish.

The deadline: May 31 2007.

For more information at www.e-morning.jp/imc/.

As ComiPress posted the information, the deadline is less than two months away.

Professional artists are also welcome to this competition.

Those who have questions on the competition can email me directly at animecomics4u@ybb.ne.jp


↓"Vagabond" is one of the works that are serialized in "Weekly Morning" now.

Vagabond, Volume 1

Vagabond, Volume 1